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Winter League 2023

The Winter League is a competitive event for teams of players who want to test their skills and compete for a prize pool. The competition will start with a Tier Qualification Stage, which will determine the seeds for the Tiers. The Tier Qualification Stage will take place from January 23 to February 19, 2023. To participate in this stage, teams must pay a 20-euro reservation fee. After the Tiers are determined, teams will pay the rest of the fee depending on the entry fee for their respective Tier.

The Tier Qualification Stage will consist of 8 matches played in an adjusted Swiss system. Teams will be randomly placed in one group, and the top four teams from the Leaderboard 2022 will be given high seeds. If a team wins a match, they will be randomly matched with another team that also won their previous match. If a team loses a match, they will play against a team that also lost their previous match. The top 8 teams will be moved to Tier 1, while the rest will be placed in Tier 2. The best team will be awarded a free entry to the Winter League.

After the Tier Qualification Stage, each Tier will play their own League. The League will consist of groups and playoffs. The size and type of groups, as well as how many teams advance to playoffs, will be determined by the number of teams. The entry fee for Tier 1 is 60 euros per team and for Tier 2 is 40 euros per team. The teams are composed of 5 main players and 3 backup players.

If you want to register for the league, you can visit the FPS Challenge Discord and contact any CoD4 admin or message me directly - kolega warking#8476. The registration deadline is January 20, 2023.

Registered League teams: